Not only do we strive to make the best body jewelry on the planet… we continue to revise and perfect a craft
that sets new standards worldwide. We were the first company to bring materials such as implant grade
Titanium and ASTM specifications into the world of body jewelry. We were the first to make eyelets from one
solid piece of Stainless Steel instead of tubing. We were the first to make navel curves
from a single piece of metal so no solders are next to a piercing.

We hand polish our jewelry to a full mirror finish for a great reason:
not only does our jewelry stand out in any display, it aids in the healing process.
While a piercing is healing bodily fluids naturally seep from the piercing canal.
With proper finishing these fluids are less likely to adhere to jewelry which makes for less harmful bacteria.
Proper finishing of the metals used in body jewelry can and will remove surface contaminates.
Just ask our customers what they think; jewelry from our company heals faster than that of lesser quality.
In this world you get what you pay for, and if your clients had a choice they would prefer
better quality jewelry for their piercings.
We sell wholesale only to verified piercers and the studios they work for.


Summer break!

Our studio will be closed until 11th of August. We’ll answer you as soon as possible!1425721_10152320603954039_4912488858392751370_n


The page dedicated to GEMS & METALS is under construction!

Please go to http://anatometal.com/products/




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